Enter Sandman: Unveiling the Rhythm of Executive Leadership

You’ve never heard of the song? Neither has this world-class Jazz Musician. Take 15 minutes to learn something new:


  • Introduction: Striking the Right Chord

In the vast symphony of business, consultants and executives often find themselves compared to conductors, orchestrating the various components to create harmonious success. However, I don’t feel that way; at Force Scaling are not conductors but drummers in a band. As the rhythmic backbone of the business, we embrace the challenge of adapting to new tunes, ensuring that your organization not only stays in sync but also makes beautiful music.

  • The Drummer’s Perspective: We Play in the Band with You

We are not detached conductors dictating from afar; we are active participants, playing alongside you in the business. Like a skilled drummer, we immerse ourselves in the rhythm of your company, understanding its nuances and contributing to the collective sound.

In the YouTube video linked above, Larnell Lewis effortlessly navigates a song he has never heard before through active listening, reflection, and his experience as a musician in his own genre.

Similarly, our expertise allows us to adapt quickly and learn the intricacies of your organization through active participation and reflecting on our own vast experience.

We’re not just observers; we’re collaborators, ensuring that every beat aligns with the overarching goals and objectives.

  • The Unheard Song: Embracing the Unknown

Much like Larnell’s encounter with an unfamiliar song, our journey often involves diving into uncharted territories. We are adept at facing the unknown head-on. We often get asked questions about having deep industry knowledge, how can we possibility provide lift? Just like Larnell, we are highly skilled to be operating your company. Every company has components like any music composition, it has Sales, Marketing, Delivery, Operations, Human Resources, IT, Legal. We are masters in our domain just like Larnell has mastered his. You will be amazed by how quickly we start playing music like a pro in your industry..

  • Playing the Rhythm of Success:

In the grand orchestration of business, we are not distant conductors, but rather, we are the drummers providing the pulse and rhythm. The parallel with Larnell Lewis’s musical prowess emphasizes our ability to adapt, learn, and contribute to the synergy of your organization.

So, if you’re ever in doubt about introducing a new tune to your business, remember Larnell’s seamless performance with an unheard song. Embrace the unfamiliar, let the rhythm guide you, and trust that, with the right beat and our expertise, your company can achieve new heights of success. After all, in business as in music, it’s not just about the song you know; it’s about how well you play it.

Ken Koo, Partner