About Us

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic created a stressful business landscape for many leaders, with no plan in place to survive. During this time, Paul Boyd and Ken Koo was approached by a struggling business owner he had previously worked​ with, who was worried about their survival.
They stepped in as Fractional Chief Operating Officers, installing and refining operational processes throughout the client’s business, providing stability and hope. This success led to the creation of Force Scaling.​​

Our WhyWe believe businesses only push past their plateaus when leaders live in their unique purpose and strengths, trusting others to do what they cannot.

Our Guiding Principles


Faith - You trust in yourself, others, and the plan.


Ownership - You take responsibility for your decisions.


Resourceful - You are a solution-oriented problem solver.


Compassion - You treat others how they want to be treated.


Excellence - You humbly strive for perfection through continuous improvement.

Our team

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