Seeing solutions is our super power. You are frustrated, need to strengthen your executive team, and need help living in your strengths again.

Finding the right way forward for business leaders and owners can be difficult when there are so many factors to success.

Fractional Chief Operating Officer

Often times, entrepreneurs and owners struggle with finding talent to operate the business.

Challenges with compensation, variable compensation, and ownership are major issues with bringing on a COO or President to run the business.

Complicate this with finding the talent that has the entrepreneurial spirit and experience that understands every function of the business, makes this task nearly impossible.

Force Scaling fractional talent solves these issues. Scope of services include:

• Operating your business as Chief Operating Officer/President. Typically, 3 to 4 days a week.

• Onboarding of a business operating system with your leadership team

• Facilitated quarterly sessions with your executive team

• Meet 1 on 1 with all members of your leadership team weekly including the CEO

• Fees are a monthly fixed retainer

Our half and full day sessions are designed to provide a review on the health and performance of your business. Starting from long term vision all the way through to financial performance, we discuss every aspect of your business in an intense half day or full day session. Our half and full day sessions are fixed fee engagements and hosted at our offices in Dallas, Texas.

A representative list of the items that we review are:

• Vision and mission for your company

• Organizational chart and executive leadership team bios

• Go to market and sales capabilities

• Operations and delivery of your service or product

• Financial review and analysis

• Technology tools and usage

Day Sessions

2-Day Executive Masterclass

Do You…

  • Not have enough executive horsepower?
  • Lack structure or support?
  • Suffer from lack of accountability at the top and throughout your organization?
  • Not have enough knowledge to run business successfully?
  • Lack clarity with your short and long term goals?

Our training might be the right fit for you.

Our two-day Executive Leadership Masterclass is designed to support, analyze, and plan with executive leadership, department leadership, or department teams.

This training will take a deep dive into structures, driving best practices in generating a cadence of meaningful results, reports, and feedback to help drive proficiency through effective communication and engagement.

Leaders will be challenged to strategize with an entrepreneurial mindset that will help foster and carry out the vision for the ongoing growth and development of the company.

Custom coaching is available based upon the needs of each organization and each individual executive.

Skill, experience, and capacity are all necessary components to be a successful executive, due to the organic nature of how businesses grow, a formal professional development plan for your executives is often neglected.

We can customize training for your executive to maximize their potential and impact on your business.

Some common coaching topics and themes include:

• Aligning organizational structure

• Who makes the decisions: defining roles

• The art of delegation

• Creating effective scorecards

• Accountability Unpacked – Expectation setting and coaching for success

• Embracing difficult conversations

Executive Coaching

10 Week - Executive Management Training

Elevate your leadership skills with our intensive 10-week Executive Management Training program.

Designed for aspiring executives and seasoned professionals alike, this immersive course offers comprehensive modules covering strategic decision-making, effective communication, and transformative leadership techniques, equipping you with the tools to drive success in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Accelerate your career trajectory and unlock your full potential with our expert-led curriculum.

Sample 10-week session:

  1. Modeling the Vision through Processes and Procedures
  2. Creating a High Performance Leadership Team with Clifton Strengths
  3. Monitoring Scorecards with Intentional Feedback
  4. Team Communications with Empathy and Accountability
  5. Leveraging a business operating system (EOS, Scaling Up, Strategic Coach, Pinnacle)